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Caribbean Football Union Shell Caribbean Cup 1991

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Final Round Knockout Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
30.05.1991Trinidad & Tobago3Guyana1
30.05.1991Jamaica2St. Lucia0
3rd Place
02.06.1991St. Lucia4Guyana1
02.06.1991Jamaica2Trinidad & Tobago0
[Reference: 2]

Final Round Group Tables

Group A
Trinidad & Tobago (SF)3201924
St. Lucia (SF)3120214
Dominican Republic30121111
Group B
Jamaica (SF)2200924
Guyana (SF)2101272
Cayman Islands2002350
[Reference: 2]

Final Round Group Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Group A
23.05.1991Trinidad & Tobago7Dominican Republic0
23.05.1991St. Lucia0Martinique0
25.05.1991Trinidad & Tobago1Martinique0
25.05.1991St. Lucia0Dominican Republic0
27.05.1991Martinique4Dominican Republic1
27.05.1991St. Lucia2Trinidad & Tobago1
Group B
26.05.1991Jamaica3Cayman Islands2
28.05.1991Guyana2Cayman Islands1
[Reference: 2]

Qualifying Round Group Tables

Group A
Guyana (Q)2110513
Group B
Dominican Republic (Q)2110423
Puerto Rico2002360
Group C
Cayman Islands2110323
St. Kitts & Nevis2020112
British Virgin Islands2011121
Group D
St. Lucia (Q)2200904
Group E
French Guiana1100212
Martinique (Q)1001120
[Reference: Compiled from results in 2]

Qualifying Round Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Group AS. American Coast Gp
Group BGreater Antilles Gp
08.05.1991Haiti3Puerto Rico2
12.05.1991Dominican Republic1Haiti1
14.05.1991Dominican Republic3Puerto Rico1
Group CLeeward Is Gp
10.05.1991Cayman Islands2British Virgin Is1
12.05.1991St. Kitts & Nevis1Cayman Islands1
14.05.1991St. Kitts & Nevis0British Virgin Is0
Group DWindward Is Gp
10.05.1991St. Lucia3Montserrat0
16.05.1991St. Lucia6Anguilla0
Group EFrench Dept Gp
15.05.1991French Guiana2Martinique1
[Reference: 1]


Jamaica defeated Trinidad & Tobago 2-0 in the Final of the Shell Caribbean Cup in Kingston, Jamaica in May 1991. Both countries had automatically qualified for the seven-team Final tournament. Trinidad & Tobago had knocked out Guyana in the Semi-Finals, and Jamaica defeated St. Lucia.

The Qualifying Groups were won by Guyana (3-team South American Coast Group involving Surinam and Aruba); Dominican Republic (Greater Antilles Group involving Haiti and Puerto Rico); Cayman Islands (Leeward Islands Group involving St. Kitts & Nevis and British Virgin Islands); St. Lucia (Windward Islands Group involving Montserrat and Anguilla); Martinique (2-team French Department Group involving French Guiana).

Montserrat’s National Holiday is on St. Patrick’s Day like Ireland and most are descendent from Irish indentured servants and African slaves with even those of African descent speaking Irish at one stage like most on the island at the time (1600s to 1800). Kingston, Jamaica shares a name with Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) in Ireland.

About the Caribbean Cup

The Shell Caribbean Cup is a Regional Soccer Tournament organised by the Caribbean Football Union. It also doubled as the Qualifying Tournament for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Both were first played for in 1991, although there were previous attempts at creating Regional Tournaments.



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Thanks to Richard Costello (Gateway).

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