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New Zealand Soccer 1962

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Major League Tables


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(C) = Champions, (Q) = Qualify for Rothmans Tournament, (W) = Cup Winners and Qualify for Chatham Cup, (R) = Relegated

Rothmans Tournament Results (League Playoffs)

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Chatham Cup (Knockout Cup)

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Shamrock, undoubtedly named after Irish team Shamrock Rovers, finished second in the Christchurch League in New Zealand in 1962 – one of four Major Leagues in New Zealand Soccer. The Winners of each of the four Major Leagues – Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin then went foreward to the Rothmans Tournament Playoffs, won 3-2 on aggregate by Northern of Dunedin versus Eastern Suburbs of Auckland. [References: 1]

This was followed by the Chatham Cup knockout tournament Finals, where the winners of each of the Four Major Leagues’ Cup Competitions played a single elimination cup versus the four winners of the Minor Leagues’ Cup Competitions (Hamilton, Nelson, New Plymouth and Invercargill). Hamilton Technical Old Boys, although from one of the Minor Leagues defeated Dunedin Cup Winners and also Rothman Tournament winners Northern 4-1 in the Chatham Cup Final. [References: 1]

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