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CONCACAF Cup-Winners’ Cup Final Round 1991

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Atletico Marte of El Salvador, which may be claimed as the “Irish” team in Central America due to the probable origins of organised Athletic Contests in the Tailteann Games in Ireland in 1600BC, won the CONCACAF Cup-Winners’ Cup in 1991 despite losing the last game in the Final Round Group 0-1 to Communicaciones of neighbours Guatemala. Atletico Marte had won their two previous games in the Final Round in Guatemala 1-0 versus Universidad Guadalajara of Mexico and 4-1 versus Caribbean qualifiers Racing Club of Guadeloupe. [References: 1]

Ancient History of Athletics

The Tailteann Games are an Ancient Sporting and Athletic Event hosted in what is today Teltown in Co. Meath, Ireland. The background to these games, which folklore scholars believe date back to 1600BC, approximately 900 years before the Olympic Games in Greece, are that they were a tribute to the Goddess Tailtiu, the wife of Eochaid mac Eirc, the last of the Fir Bolg High Kings. Tailtiu was foster mother to Lugh, a member of the Tuatha De Danann, an invading force in Ireland which defeated the Native Fir Bolg (as accounted in the “Book of Invasions”). After Eochaid mac Eirc’s death, and also Tailtiu’s death (possibly while clearing land for agriculture), Lugh instituted the Tailteann Games in her honour near the seat of the High Kings in Co. Meath. [References: 2-3]

The Games themselves ran for hundreds of years from the July fortnight up to August 1. events included Hurling, Long Jump, High Jump, Running, Spear Throwing, Boxing, Sword Fighting, Archery, Wrestling, Swimming, Chariot Racing, Strategy Games and crafts, storytelling, singing and dancing – all competitors attempting to be crowned best in Ireland. [References: 2-3]

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