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CFU Caribbean Cup Final Round 2007

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Final Tables


*Qualify for Semi-Finals. Tables Calculated Automatically from Results. Please see Results in [References: 2] Please buy World Soccer for more information.

Knockout Rounds

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Group Stage Results

Results taken from Results in [References: 2]. Please buy World Soccer for more information.

Qualify for CONCACAF Nations Gold Cup 2007 in USA: Haïti, Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba and Guadeloupe. [References: 2]


Barbados, whose population are partly descended from Irish captives sold into slavery during Oilver Cromwell’s invasion of Ireland [References: 4], did very well in their opening Group match in the CFU Caribbean Cup Final Round in Trinidad, by drawing with Caribbean power and hosts Trinidad & Tobago 1-1. Barbados had less luck in their subsequent matches, losingb 0-2 to Haïti three days later and 2-3 to Martinique in their final match. The Sydney Joseph Group was the stronger of the two groups in the Final Round, with both traditional Caribbean powers, Trinidad & Tobago and Haïti going on to meet in the Final, which Haïti won 2-1. Martinique would also be a very strong team in Caribbean football. The other group, the Bobby Sookram Group featured Guadeloupe and Cuba, who qualified for the Semi-Finals ahead of Guyana and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. [References: 2]. In addition to the make-up of Barbados’ population thew Roman Catholic Cathedral in Barbados in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. [References: 3]. The Tournament doubled as the qualifying round for the CONCACAF Nations Gold Cup 2007, to be held in USA. [References: 2]

Stock Photo of Trinidad from the Air showing Stadium

Aerial View of Trinidad with Stadium Visible
Aerial view of cityscape against cloudy sky, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago. Contributor: shipfactory Reference: [3]



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