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Venezuela FA First Division 1992-93

Final Table


Note: * Maritimo and Minerven were to playoff for title(CL) – Qualify for Copa Libertadores


Galicia, named after the Atlantic and Celtic region of North West Spain, finished second from bottom in the Venezuela First Division in 1992-93, and were relegated straight back down to the Second Division having being promoted the previous season [1]. Coincidentally they finished in the bottom three along with Italia and Portuguesa, two other teams named for regions in Mediterranean and Atlantic Europe from which the some of the settlers of South America and Venezuela came [1, 2]

About Galicia

Galicia is a Province of North West Spain, speaking Gallego, a language related to both Spanish and Portuguese, however, since 1981 there has been a movement in Galicia to link with the Atlantic and Celtic past of Galicia. Celtic Galicia compares itself not just in terms of weather to the Atlantic fringe of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but also to the Celtic past which dates back to the 6th Century A.D. There is both a sporting and cultural heritage being revived, with Gaelic Football starting in the 2010s and the traditional instrument – a form of bagpipe being promoted by Celtic musicians [2].

The Galicia Football Club in Venezuela, like its counterparts Italia and Portuguesa, would be relating to the homeland of these Mediterranean and Atlantic peoples now transplanted to South America.

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