English Football League and Non-League Champions 1982-83

England Flag Map
England Flag Map [References: 1]

League Champions & Record 1982-83

Football League
Division 1Liverpool4224108873782
Division 2Queens Park Rangers422679773685
Division 3Portsmouth4627109744191
Division 4Wimbledon4629116964598
Minor Leagues
Alliance Premier League (5)Enfield422598954884
Reserve Leagues
Football CombinationQueens Park Rangers4229851134766
Central League Division 1West Bromwich Albion301965531844
Central League Division 2Nottingham Forest302235662747
Amateur Leagues
Northern Premier League (6)Gateshead42324611443100
North West Counties League (6)Burscough382675934559
Northern League (6)Blyth Spartans3623112923180
West Midlands League (6)Halesowen Town3828641243762
Southern League Premier (6)AP Leamington382549785079
Southern League Midland (7)Cheltenham Town322255652971
Southern League Southern (7)Fisher Athletic342356793474
Isthmian League (6)Wycombe Wanderers422679794785
[References: 2-3]

Points Sytem: 3 Pts Win, 1 Pt Draw, 0 Pts Loss (All Leagues except Reserve Leagues). 2 Pts Win, 1 Pt Draw, 0 Pts Loss (Reserve Leagues).


Liverpool FC won the Football League Division 1 in 1982-83 with 82 points. Champions of the Lower Divisions were Queens Park Rangers (Division 2), Portsmouth (Division 3) and Wimbledon (Division 4). The top Non-League Football Champions were Enfield (Alliance Premier League).

Reserve League Champions were Queens Park Rangers (Football Combination), West Bromwich Albion (Central League Division 1) and Nottingham Forest (Central League Division 2). These were Professional Leagues for Reserve Teams of Football League teams.

Amateur Non-League Football Champions were: AP Leamington (Southern League Premier Division), Cheltenham Town (Southern League Midlands Division), Fisher Athletic (Southern League Southern Division), Gateshead (Northern Premier League), Halesowen Town (West Midlands League), Burscough (North West Counties League), Blyth Spartans (Northern League) and Wycombe Wanderers (Isthmian League).

There was no automatic promotion and relegation between the Football League Division 4 and the Non-League Football Leagues. By this stage the Alliance Premier League had become the basis for the National League as we know it today (Level 5), sponsored by Nationwide (previously Vanarama) and in between known as the Conference (sponsored most famously by Vauxhall).

It worth noting that the Football League (still known as such rather than English Football League) and Amateur Leagues had gone over to 3 Points for a win, whereas the Reserve Leagues still operated under the 2 Pts for a win system.


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