Campeonato de Guipuzcoa (Basque Country – Guipuzcoa Province Soccer) Champions 1918-1940

Basque Country Map & Flag
Basque Country Map & Flag [References: 1]

Campeonato de Guipuzcoa Champions 1918-19 to 1939-40

1918-19Real Sociedad11812261619 *
1919-20Real Union43101327 **
1920-21Real Union12102051622
1921-22Real Union4211545
1922-23Real Sociedad4121434 ***
1923-24Real Union651019411
1924-25Real Sociedad161321521028
1925-26Real Union de Irun161303742126
1926-27Real Sociedad1081133917
1927-28Real Union de Irun10532271613 ****
1928-29Real Sociedad8701341514
1929-30Real Union de Irun1081136917
1930-31Real Union de Irun10712351415
1931-34see Note 5
1934-36see Note 6
1936-37No Football in Spain
1937-38see Note 7
1938-39Real Sociedad1090147418
[References: 2]

Note: * One match unplayed and awarded to Real Sociedad.

Note 2: ** Eibar disqualified for not showing up at Real Union. Results expunged from record.

Note 3: *** Real Sociedad and Real Union finished level on 4 Points each – Real Sociedad won Title Playoff 2-1.

Note 4: **** Teams divided into two Groups with top two in each group qualifying for Semi-Finals. Real Union de Irun, Real Sociedad and Osasuna all finished level in Group A on 4 Points each and played a Mini-League Playoff of two games each through which Real Sociedad and Real Union de Irun qualified for Semi-Finals on 3 Points each. Real Union de Irun defeated Esperanza in Semi-Finals 5-1 and 7-1 and then drew both matches with Real Sociedad in the Final 4-4 and 2-2, thus another playoff match with Real Sociedad was necessary which Real Union de Irun won 2-1.

Note 5: No Campeonato de Guipuzcoa from 1931-32 to 1933-34 with teams playing in the Campeonato Mancomunado Guipuzcoa-Navarra-La Rioja-Aragon.

Note 6: No Campeonato de Guipuzcoa from 1934-35 to 1935-36 with teams playing in the Copa Vasco (Basque Cup)

Note 7: No Campeonato de Guipuzcoa during 1937-38 with teams playing in the Torneo Brigadas de Navarra.


The Era 1913 to 1940 was one in which the top Basque Soccer Clubs: Athletic Club de Bilbao, Real Socieded and Osasuna all played in the Regional Leagues. While interrupted by the Spanish Civil War between 1931-32 to 1937-38, the most successful club in the Basque Region of Guipuzcoa Championship during this era was Real Union de Irun (previously Real Union) which won 8 Guipuzcoa titles. Real Sociedad were the second best with 6 titles to their name. The only other winner of the Campeonato Guipuzcoa was non-Basque team Zaragoza who played in the league that year. [Reference: 2]

The Basque Country in Northern Iberia (Spain) and South West France has a proven genetic link with The Welsh and Irish Celts, with geneticists proving a strong genetic link between the three races/peoples going back to the Neolithic, before farming was introduced from the Near East [References: 3]. The three languages are among the oldest in Europe, with Basque pre-dating Indo-European languages thought to have arrived in Europe with farming, and Celtic languages showing a strong link with North African branch of Afro-Asiatic languages as well as Indo-European languages, uniquely in Europe. [References: 4-5] Athletic Bilbao celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in 2018 by lighting up the famous San Mames stadium in Green on the Eve of the Day itself [Reference: 6]

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