Campeonato Region Norte (Spanish North Region Soccer Championship) Champions 1913-1922

Basque Country Map & Flag
Basque Country Map & Flag [References: 1]

Champions Campeonato Region Norte 1913-14 to 1921-22

SeasonChampions / LeaguePWDLFAPts
Region Norte
1913-14Athletic Club1082034718
1914-15Athletic Club1071223815
1915-16Athletic Club1291230519 *
1916-17Arenas Club4301846
1917-18Real Union de Irun12723261316
Campeonato de Vizcaya
1918-19Arenas Club871026615
Region Norte
1919-20Athletic Club861114613
1920-21Athletic Club760120812 ^
1921-22Arenas Club8611191113
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Note: The Above Records are the Final Records of the Champions of Region Norte.

Note: * Athletic Club finished level with Real Sociedad on Points and were due to playoff with them for the Title but Real Sociedad never turned up. Athletic Club awarded the Title, awarded game not counted in Table/Record.

Note: ^ Racing Santander did not compete in the second half of the season, thus the other four teams only played 7 games and Racing Santander 3 (with one game v Eradio also not played in the first half of the season).


Athletic Club of Bilbao were the most successful team during the Region Norte decade of Spanish regional soccer from 1913 to 1922 winning the Championship five times during this span. The Era 1913 to 1940 was one in which the top Basque Soccer Clubs: Athletic Club de Bilbao, Real Socieded and Osasuna all played in the Regional Leagues. Other Basque teams to win the Region Norte were Arenas Club (three times) and Real Union de Irun (once). The Region Norte was split up into the two Basque Provinces (Vizcaya and Guipuzcoa) in 1922 and the other teams such as Racing Santander also competed from then until joining the Spanish National League (La Liga) in the their respective regional leagues.

The Basque Country in Northern Iberia (Spain) and South West France has a proven genetic link with The Welsh and Irish Celts, with geneticists proving a strong genetic link between the three races/peoples going back to the Neolithic, before farming was introduced from the Near East [References: 3]. The three languages are among the oldest in Europe, with Basque pre-dating Indo-European languages thought to have arrived in Europe with farming, and Celtic languages showing a strong link with North African branch of Afro-Asiatic languages as well as Indo-European languages, uniquely in Europe. [References: 4-5] Athletic Bilbao celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in 2018 by lighting up the famous San Mames stadium in Green on the Eve of the Day itself [Reference: 6]

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