Preseason Soccer Tours of North America 1991

DateHome TeamAway Team
09.06.1991USA0Juventus (Ita)0
11.06.1991Luis Angel Firpo (ELS)1Juventus (Ita)0
13.06.1991Canadian All-Stars2AC Milan (Ita)2
15.06.1991Club Leon (Mex)2Juventus (Ita)0
16.06.1991USA1AC Milan (Ita)1
06.1991Canadian All-Stars1Belfica (Por)2
06.1991AC Milan (Ita)1Benfica (Por)1
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3-Team Canadian Tournament Final Table

Canadian TmntPWDLFAPts
Benfica (C)2110323
AC Milan2020332
Canadian All-Stars2011341
[Reference: Compiled from Results in 2]

Composite Preseason Table

Preseason North America 1991PWDLFAPts
Benfica (Por)2110323
AC Milan (Ita)3030443
Club Leon (Mex)1100202
Luis Angel Firpo (ElS)1100102
Canadian All-Stars2011341
Juventus (Ita)3012031
[Reference: Compiled from Results in 2]


Benfica, AC Milan and Juventus each embarked on a 3-game preseason tour of North America in June 1991. Portugal’s Benfica won a three-team tournament involving AC Milan and a Canadian All-Stars team. Juventus lost two matches against Central American opposition in Club Leon (Mexico) and Luis Angel Firpo (El Salvador) after drawing with USA who then also drew with AC Milan.



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Thanks to Richard Costello (Gateway).

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