United Soccer League 1 2020

United Soccer League 1 Logo [Ref: 2]


Greenville Triumph SC161132+132.1935
Union Omaha16835+51.7129
North Texas FC16736+81.6927
Richmond Kickers1686201.6326
Chattanooga Red Wolves SC15654+41.4722
FC Tucson16664+21.3822
Forward Madison FC16556+61.3121
South Georgia Tormenta FC16574-31.1919
New England Revolution II16583-71.1318
Fort Lauderdale CF16493-90.9415
Orlando City B151113-190.406
United Soccer League 1 Standings 2020 [Ref: 1]

Irish Players

Steven BeattieChattanooga Red Wolves SC82
Niall LogueFC Tucson160
Mikie RoweSouth Georgia Tormenta FC111


The United Soccer League 1 cancelled the League 1 Final scheduled for October 29th 2020, and declared Greenville Triumph SC Champions based on Points Per Game (PPG). Three Irish players played in the USL League 1 in 2020, Niall Logue played all 16 games for FC Tucson (Arizona) as they finished 6th of 11 teams. Steven Beattie of Chattanooga Red Wolves (Tennessee) played 8 games, scoring 2 goals as they finished 5th, and Mikie Rowe scored one goal in 11 games South Georgia Tormenta FC as they came 8th.


The United Soccer League is the United States Soccer Federation Officially-recognised Minor League affiliate of Major League Soccer. United Soccer League 1 makes up the Third Division in the US Soccer Pyramid, and is the equivalent of the EFL 1 in English Football.

United States Men’s Soccer Pyramid

  1. Major League Soccer
  2. United Soccer League Championship
  3. United Soccer League 1
  4. United Soccer League 2
  5. National Premier Soccer League



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